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The Quick Links to the left will take you directly to the Common Core State Standard website. This is to inform parents of the exact standards that will be taught during the course of the year. The first link is an overview and the next five are the Domains (major areas) third graders learn in math.

The More Information column, allows parents and students direct access of what is covered in the classroom.
The Online Math Connects Textbook gives parents and students a resource to practice math at home. This site includes the entire textbook as well as a Common Core section at the top of the Table of Contents. This section contains supplements for what the curriculum doesn't include. Please keep in mind that it is a really rough attempt from a publishing company to align curriculum so they can say their curriculum is aligned. The textbook doesn't cover the depth of understanding students need to have nor the strategies in which students need to use to become efficient and proficient at math based on Common Core State Standards. Progressions documents written by the authors of the common core (a couple hundred pages deeply explains math concepts across grade levels) essentially explaining the standards, giving me a thorough understanding of what students should come into third grade having as well as what I need to do in order to prepare them for 4th grade and beyond. Luckily we have several resources at our disposal in order to teach the Common Core. It's just a matter of time to learn and fill in holes from our curriculum. In a few more years publishing companies will have a text that will be Common Core aligned but right now, teachers are doing the best teaching standards they are expected to teach with the resources they have.

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