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Overview of Project

The Tonasket School District is consolidated from many one-room schools. Original photos of the schools are displayed in our hallway. Students continue to find the location where each original photo was taken. We take current photos of the old schools or their location. We've invited former teachers and students to come share stories about their experiences in these schools. The old and new photos are shown with write-ups by the students. A Google Earth map of all the schools can be found at

A big thanks to the Target Stores Field Trip Grants for providing major funding for this project.  

Learning Goals

One of our state learning goals is to have students "use spatial perspective to make reasoned decisions by applying the concepts of location, region, and movement and demonstrating knowledge of how geographic features and human cultures impact environments." By looking at the location of the old schools and hearing the stories, students will gain a sense of time and place. Students will learn photopoint monitoring, interviewing techniques, and internet skills.

Select a school below to see pictures and information from our visit to the school:

Chewiliken (Cummings)
 Havilla New
Havillah (New)
 Havilla Old
Havillah (Old)

Horse Spring Coulee

Loomis (New)
Pine Creek
(Pat Miller)

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