Common Core

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As a teacher and a mother of three children, the best thing I can do is to learn and ask questions. The more I ask, the more I learn; the more I learn, the more I know; and the better prepared my children and students will be.

The race started years ago, without American children even knowing it, other countries are competing for our jobs. American children should be at the forefront, but through decades of data, we find our children in the future workforce, no longer able to compete given the same education, we as adults have. Remember when you asked your parents for help on your high school homework, and their response was, 'I don't know how to help.' Well, same thing may be true for you and your children unless you are willing to learn along side them. Everything is moving at such a rapid rate. No longer can I teach your children the same way I was taught. I have been learning for over a decade how to teach your child so they will be ready for college or a career when they graduate. You, your children, every school in this nation, curriculum, resources and in many respects my teaching is also on the starting line with the Common Core State Standards. I ask for grace, as I learn how to teach your children at a whole new level.

The Quick Links on the left will provide you with some understanding of why our nation is needing common core standards. Careful. We are consumers of information. For any topic you will find information to support and oppose. Be wary of what you read. Look at both sides. It is human nature to stay comfortable. But America was not founded on comfort.

Since 1995, two major international assessments, PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) and TIMSS (The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) have been given to students in over 60 countries/economies every three to four years. The data collected since then is a driving force for American educational reform, hence, the Common Core State Standards. Common Core State Standards specifically address the weaknesses found in our nations educational system when compared to other nations. The PISA and TIMSS were just some of many assessments informing us as a nation that other countries have surpassed us and the nations future is at risk unless we do something. Ignorance may be bliss, but the truth is our nations educational system needs to change to meet the needs of our children in a world that doesn't yet exist.

If that didn't get your attention, on a different note, it's these children's children that will allow me to either enjoy my 70's or whether I will be working as a door greeter. We better start thinking of the future, because it's our's as well.
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